St. George’s, Grenada, 10th July, 2020: Taxpayers are informed that the three month suspension of Instalment Payments for Corporation Income Tax (CIT) and Annual Stamp Tax (AST) has ended. Tax liability for the respective taxes resumed from 1st July 2020.   For the purpose of the CIT, the suspended sum shall be payable with the final instalment of any balance of tax upon filing his or her annual tax return within ninety days after the end of the taxpayer’s fiscal period determined in accordance with Section 11 (2) of the Income Tax Act.   As it relates to AST, the…

Taxes Due For July 2020

06 Jul 2020
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ST. GEORGE'S, GRENADA, Monday, 7th July , 2020: The Inland Revenue Division (IRD) of the Ministry of Finance advises the public of the following taxes that will be due and payable for the month of July, 2020.     7th        PAYE Pay as you Earn and Withholding Tax   10th     Gaming Tax   20th     VAT Value Added Tax and Excise Tax Return Due Payable   29th     Corporate Income Tax Returns Due for Businesses with Fiscal Year ending 30th   April 2019   31st      Personal Income Tax due and payable, Corporation Income Tax and                         Annual Stamp Tax (AST) Installments Due and…
St. George's, Grenada, 26th June, 2020: The final days for property owners to benefit from the 5% discount on their 2020 property tax account quickly approaching.   Property owners are encouraged to take full advantage of the limited opportunity for rebate and pay their property taxes on or before next Tuesday 30th June, 2020.   Taxpayers can use the online platforms taxservices.gov.gd using a credit or debit card or through account to account transaction if the taxpayer has an account with the Grenada Cooperative Bank.  Remember, registration is required to become an e-user.   Payment can also be made by…
St. George's, Grenada, 25th June, 2020: The Ministry of Finance through the Inland Revenue Division (IRD) continues to explore innovative ways of making the process of paying taxes, stress- free.   Taxservices.gov.gd and pay.gov.gd are available for a safer, easier, faster, more convenient and reliable way of doing business.   Persons in the diaspora currently using Wire Transfer to pay their taxes are encouraged to use these online platforms at no extra cost.   Taxpayers can register to become an e-user and pay taxes using their credit or debit cards. All taxes (except PIT) can be paid and filed using…
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